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I'm Jessica "Jey"

As a medical coder, it didn't take me long to realize that many healthcare professionals often prioritize prescribing medication over recommending dietary and movement interventions. After immersing myself in the world of Pilates for three years and experiencing its profound mental and physical benefits, I made the commitment to become a certified instructor. I take pleasure in infusing a touch of culture into a field that frequently lacks it, adding my unique flair.​The Jey Method was born out of my passion for aligning bodies as they were meant to move. As a self-professed foodie, I understand the importance of savoring delicious, yet healthy, meals. This perspective influences my approach as a health coach, ensuring that flavor and nutrition are not mutually exclusive.​I firmly believe that health and fitness should be enjoyable, which is why we host special events aimed at fostering a sense of community.​Join us on this journey towards well-being, where we combine movement, culinary delights, and a sense of togetherness to make your health goals not only achievable but enjoyable.

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